Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plate delivery!

We had a fun packing party the other night and assembled 100 plate packages! 100 plates ready for delivery. We are excited that St. Vincent, Children's, UAMS and Baptist LR have their plates for any family who is in need. Meeting everyone at the hospitals was incredibly uplifting. The excitement and love that they showed us was amazing. Everything seems to be falling into place right now and I am so happy.

- Sarah

This is what the sticker on each box looks like.

Inside the box we have a 5x7 insert that is a more personal story about our loss of Mamie for the families.

Here we are on a wet day delivering our the plates to UAMS

We did a practice run on a sweet sweet baby that only weighted 13oz. We were able to get both a hand and a foot.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Packing Party

So much hard work has been done to get Mamie's Poppy Plates to a place where....there is so much hard work to be done! After researching and shopping for plates, boxes, brochures and mailers, we placed a huge order and had a ton of plates to put together for delivery to hospitals. We all worked hard and felt joyful that Mamie's name carries on and will help bring healing to other families in need.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Well on our way!

We have had such an incredible few months! We have all of the brochures, plates, boxes, bubble wrap, stickers for the boxes, etc, etc! We had no idea what this entailed, but it has been a fun and rewarding adventure all out of love for our precious Mamie. As soon as we launched Mamie's Poppy Plates on her birthday (June 25th) donations started rolling in. We realized fairly quickly that we were going to be able to provide plates to many more hospitals than our one goal of St. Vincent (where Sarah delivered Mamie). Throughout the month of July and August we started making contacts with other hospitals in the area as donations continued. Late in August Sarah received a call from Judy Adams, the owner of Catering to You. Judy said she loved Mamie's Poppy Plates and she wanted to sponsor UAMS and ACH... Can I even explain how exciting this was for us? No! We were, and still are overwhelmed by her generousity. We hope Judy's awesome idea will spur other business on to adopt hospitals in their area.

Several weeks ago we had a plate packing party and some of our wonderful supporters/friends came to help. It was a fun night of girl talk, wine, and boxing up plates. We met with the amazing bereavement nurses at St. Vincent, UAMS, Arkansas Children's Hospital and Baptist and explained Mamie's Poppy Plates and were "okayed" to have plates in each of these hospitals. We NEVER imagined MPP's would grow this quickly, but we were able to drop off plates to each of the 4 hospitals! We hear from Firefly Studio that plates are being dropped off by sweet families who are experiencing this heart wrenching loss, so we know that our mission of getting these plates home with families is working. Thank you so much to all who have donated.

We have so much more to share, so check back with us soon! Sarah will be adding pictures as well :-) Have a great day!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Introducing Mamie's Poppy Plates

As you all know, I am Mamie's mom, and Mamie was my first child. I was pregnant with her from October 2008 to June 25th, 2009 when she was born a sleeping angel (stillborn) two and a half weeks before her due date.

Stillbirth and infant death are realities that too many parents face even today. Did you know that each year 1 in 115 babies delivered is stillborn? And 1 in every 102 newborns die before the age of 28 days old?

Now, a year after losing Mamie, I have started Mamie's Poppy Plates, my organization providing keepsakes for parents who are not able to take their babies home from the hospital. Because handprints and footprints are something that we cherish as parents of children in Heaven or here on this earth, I wanted to find a beautiful way to preserve such a precious reminder of our babies.

Your donation of $13 will provide a plate to bereaved families who are delivering at Arkansas hospitals. Their baby’s birth stats, hand and footprints will be stamped and painted on the front of the plate while your name or organization will be painted on the back. Firefly Studio in Little Rock, AR will have a creative hand in painting names and stats on the plates and firing them for the best quality work. My hope is that in the near future, I will have enough donations to provide plates to all hospitals in the Little Rock area.

Thank you for considering a donation and thank you to Firefly Studio for helping make this happen in memory of my precious Mamie.

Happy 1st birthday sweet Mamie. We miss you so very much.


Sarah Bussey Adams

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