Monday, November 22, 2010

Arkansas Hospital Association trade show

The Arkansas Hospital Association trade show back in October was a true hit. The interest and enthusiasm we received was both heart warming and proved that what we are doing is going to go so far. Thanks to everyone that came to help. We would like to give a special thanks to one of our biggest supporters, Judy Adams from Catering To You who helped us get our booth and made the yummy and beautiful petite fours for everyone that stopped by our booth.

Me and Britney

Me and sweet sweet Crystal.

The two Sarah's :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

First plate to go out

A sweet family gave their permission to share our experience with their little boy. It was my honor to give them the first plate and to take pictures like the ones that have been so precious to me. This sweet baby was full-term and stillborn. I remember so clearly getting the phone call about them. I was out on my morning walk when I received a call from Lynette, my awesome bereavement nurse. She said that there was a patient that had just delivered her stillborn baby the night before. My heart grew heavy and a huge lump formed in my throat. "What can I do Lynette? Can I please bring them a plate?" I said. She thought it was a great idea and so I made my way home and then headed to the hospital. We were able to get his beautiful little footprints on the plate and I took pictures of their sweet baby boy. Lynette asked me if I would like to go in and give the plate and pictures to the parents, and without hesitation, I said yes. Walking down that hallway, my stomach began to knot up. We opened the door and walked into the dark, quiet room. The silence and sadness in the room I know too well. I pulled up a chair beside bed and slowly handed over the plate and pictures. The mom and dad broke down into tears looking at their beautiful baby boy's prints. The way her husband rubbed her arm and kissed her head kept me at the day we held Mamie. Through their tears, there were a few smiles at how long his feet were and how beautiful and perfect his little face was. I stayed for a while and then made my way home, so happy that the first plate - the first official Mamie's Poppy Plate - was given to them by me. I know this plate won't heal them, but I know that seeing their boy's footprints and knowing they are not alone will give them a bit of comfort.
- Sarah