Friday, December 17, 2010

Plates to share

So many plates have gone out since we are now servicing Baptist Little Rock, Children's, UAMS and St. Vincent's. We have received overwhelmingly positive response from the families and I hope to share a few of their stories. Firefly has been so awesome at working hard to get all the plates done in a timely manner. Since the holidays have begun, I have been going in and painting the plate rims for them to help speed up the process. It breaks my heart every time I have to paint another plate but it also makes me smile to know that these families have brought their plate in and they will have this precious gift for ever to remember their sweet little angels. Below are some pictures I took with my phone of some of the raw and finished plates.

This photo below is the back of the plate. Once the plate is painted they paint the donor's name on the back for the families. This is so important to me because I want all these families to know there are people out there that they don't even know that care for them. We are also doing in memory of and in honor of. People can buy a plate in memory of their baby or a friend's baby and their name would go on the back as well.

This is a raw plate that I was working on from home. Look at those tiny little feet.

This plate turned out so beautiful. The family lost twin boys. Their little feet were stamped at the bottom so there was so much space on the inside of the plate. Families can pay for extra painting. They chose to have the poppies painted on their plate along with Job 1:27 which say, "Blessed be the name of the Lord".

We can always use help with painting. The rim color is not hard but we need people who are artistic as the writing can be challenging. Please shoot us an email if you would like to be added to the painters list.

- Sarah

Catering To You

I was filled with joy and tears a few months back when Judy Adams from Catering To You called me. She had heard about Mamie's Poppy Plates and wanted to discuss some things with me. She was so touched by the idea of what I was doing and wanted to help in any way. While we were talking she said, "Sarah, I want to fund all the plates for UAMS and for Little Rock Childrens Hospital." Ya'll I almost went to my knees. I began shaking and tears of joy streamed down my face. Since then Judy has done so much for us. She has put us in touch with an amazing law firm that has taken us on probono so we can achieve non-profit status. There is way more exciting news coming soon. To say thank you to our sweet Judy Adams we had two plates painted for her to say thank you for adopting both hospitals. We hope that more businesses will adopt hospitals and we can be state wide soon.

Thank you thank you thank you Judy. You are such a special person that I believe God brought into my life since my painful loss of Mamie.


Thanks Beth at Firefly Studio for these beautiful plates. We love them!